Men's Winter Warm Waterproof Boots

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Color: Black
Size (US): 6.5
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What makes Extrashoe different?

  • Helpful Arch Support - The full-length orthopedic insert minimize fatigue and improve stride efficiency
  • Corrective Arch Design - The sole gradually mends the feet's structure to straighten your hips, and deal with imbalanced posture.
  • Eliminating Arch Discomfort - This flexible orthopedic sole relieves pressure and tiredness in the feet.
  • Stylish Velcro Design - Hook&loop is easily adjustable, making it super comfy, and satisfying even for swollen feet condition.
  • Furred Lining- The warm soft fur inside makes these boots weather-resistant, as no external factors can make your feet cold and stiff.

Extrashoe Premium Tech System

Our ergonomic cushioning sole reduces any impact that occurs after taking a step.

Every step is comfortable and smooth!

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